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Getting Started

Welcome to and thank you for joining. We hope you’ll enjoy this site as much as we do.

What is

  • is a community of users and contributors with the goal of improving the artwork in their media centers.
  • is a curated library of user submitted images that are available to everyone for their media centers or any other use.
  • makes it’s library of images available via API for direct access to media centers and other projects

This site exists due to the contributions of volunteers and the donations of users. If you find this site is useful to you, we hope you’ll consider contibuting.

There are many ways to help keep the site alive.

So in it’s most basic form, is a library of images made available for everyone to download and use in their media centers, or however they please.

All images submitted to the site must adhere to a strict set of rules to make sure there is quality an consistancy across the entire library.

These images are cataloged by sections and then by types.

TV Shows


The rules have evolved with the site over time, so not every image has been moderated by the same rules. Some images have been “Grandfathered in” for now, but my be subject to replacement as time goes on.

Two examples are the ClearLOGO and ClearArt sections you will find in the library. These image types have been replaced with higher definition versions that are twice the resolution.

HDClearLOGO and HDClearART.

The low resolution types have now been deprecated. They are still present in the library and are avialable for download, but submissions of these types are no longer accepted.

Hopefully this overview of the site will give you the big picture of what we do here.

Where to go from here depends on what you want to do. Have a look at some of these other popular resources to get more targeted information.


We have noticed that some e-mail clients automaticly move e-mail from to the spam/junkmail box. This causes you to not only miss the newsletters we sometimes send out but also the e-mail you receive when your uploaded artwork might be denied for a particular reason. We are seeing some great artwork being denied that just need some tiny things fixed but never hear from the submitter again.