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Well you managed to find your way here. Now let’s go exploring!

This site has many faces that might not be so obvious at first.

The aim of this guide is to help you understand how everything is laid out, and how to get the most out of the site.

The Front Page

The top of the fornt page and every other page contains a menu bar that contains the most important parts of the site.

Below you can explore these menus and what they are for.

This is a direct link to read about the benefits of becoming a VIP on the site

This takes you to our TV Shows landing page.

Here you will find information on every type of image we offer for TV shows

This takes you to our image library of Music Artists.

This takes you to our image library of Movies.

The heartbeat of the site. You can follow this feed to see all the new art, comments, posts, and more.

Points are distributed to contributors based on the amount of contribution to the site. See the list here and the values given for different contributions.

Signup for our newsletter here.

Here you will find the most common reasons for having your submissions denied.

We get asked a lot how long it takes to have an image approved. You can read about it here.

A list of the current site staff, their role on the site, and more.

Find out who has moderated the most images this month, and all time.

This is a list of Associated Fanart members. You can find out more about it here.

A history and timeline of how the site came to be.

This will take you to our Discord server which is the fastes place to get help.

Look through our library of tutorials for general and targeted information covering many subjects.

The Image Database

These pages are the core of the site and the reason you are probably here. They are also the easiest pages navigate and explore.

Each media category has a main page with loads of information on the types of images we store, rules for each image type, tutorials, requests, latest additions, biggest contributors, and more.

These pages can be accessed in a few ways.

Directly from the main page of the site, or from the header and footer menus on every page.Site Header and Footer

The Activity Stream

This is the heartbeat of the site. Here you will find all the latest activity on the site including all approved art, new blog posts, comments, and new and updated posts from our forums. Site veterans keep a finger on the pulse here so they can see all the new art rolling through and are able to comment and vote on them. Use the “Load More” button at the bottom to keep scrolling back through time. The filter menu is also very helpful for limiting the results you want. Further filtering options by image types and categories are on the wish list already. (Stay tuned.)

The Dashboard

This is the “Back-end” to the site and the place to get things done. Here you can manage your profile, your image submissions, check what is pending, browse your gallery, access the denied images gallery, etc. It is a fun place to explore if you haven’t before, and an essential tool for contributors.

You can access your dashboard by hovering over the house logo at the top left menu of every page. Use the same top left menu to return to the site once inside.Dashboard Menu

Once there, you can change your account details and the dashboard color scheme, - Dashboard Profile

as well as delete and change the language of art submitted into the pending que. (Helpful if you catch a mistake and want to fix it.) Also notice the color blocks hovering to the right of the side menu. Use these to see what clearart looks like against different color backgrounds. - Movie Pending

The Blog

The Blog is comprised of interesting posts spanning a wide range of topics, as well as news, tutorials, and reviews. We are always looking for more interesting content and encourage our users to either tell us what they’d like to see, or even contribute themselves if they are up to the task.

The Blog can be accessed from both the header and footer menus as described above, as well as the Blog activity side bar in many of the pages around the site. (Including this one.)

The Forums

Here is where the community can communicate with each other about anything and everything. Get help, make suggestions, and generally interact. There is a wealth of information for those willing to have a look around. Everything from where to find the best sources and fonts, to getting advice on graphics software and images. There is even a place to request new features for the site.

Forums can be accessed from both the header and footer menus as described above. - Forums

The new forums are on a separate server than the site which will allow us to communicate when there is site down time.

The Discord server

Here you can chat with other members or moderators on the site. Ask questions, get help with an image problem, or just hang out and enjoy the conversation. This is by far the best place to get answers quickly.

Other Interesting Places: The User Menu and Notification Area - User Menu

Here you will find your own personal command center. Explore all the sub-menus to discover personalized links relevant to your interaction with the site.

The notification bubble will turn blue when you are mentioned on the site, have new messages, or get a friend request. It has it’s own drop-down to see at a glance what the notifications are, with quick links to take action on them

Artwork > TV / Music / Movies: Navigates to pages which contains the overview for the available artwork types for that section

About > Staff / A.F. Members / History: This shows information about the crew, Associated Fanart members, and the History of the site.

Community > Forum / Activity / IRC: These pages will lead you to the various ways to interact with the community to get help, contribute, or just see what’s going on.

Blog This will bring you to the main page of our Blog. You can also find the latest, most active Blog topics on the right side of the Activity Stream. Our Blog topics are diverse and we encourage any budding or experienced writers to contact the staff if you have something to write about that might interest our community.

Donations: This shows the running costs, the users that made a donation and the link to make a donation. Searching In the top right corner you will find a text box where you can type what you want to search and next to it what category it belongs to. The magnifying glass will start the search.

After the search has finished you will get the results dialog which contains a number of text search matches according to your search.

If your search hasn’t resulted in what you wanted you can also insert the correct ID.

Add missing media

ID= 80379

ID = 65f4f0c5-ef9e-490c-aee3-909e7ae6b2ab

ID = 70160

ID = tt0120737

Add missing album Search the album on MusicBrainz

and take the ‘MBID’ and copy/paste it into the text field and click ‘Add’.

The album should be immediately available after page refresh and you can start uploading artwork.

Media page These are just examples of the different artwork types displayed within a tvshow/artist/movie page. All other types work in a similar way

Request Brings up the dialog where you can request images for that artwork type. Try to provide as much information as you can find like example images that can be used, fonts or the website Upload: This brings up the upload dialog where you can select the image to upload and select appropriate flags like language/season/disc-number/disc-type Download: This will download the selected image according to your browser settings Report: This brings up a dialog where you can enter a reason for reporting an image. This can have several reasons like: bad quality, duplicates, wrongly tagged, uploaded to incorrect show/movie/artist Add to download queue: You can add several images to a download queue so you can download them all at once. Thumbs up: This will do a +1 vote on that image.

This image needs replacing When an image needs replacing it will be marked as in the image below. When you hover your pointer over the image it will show a text dialogue with the reason why.

You can also report them yourself by hitting the report button. Images can be reported for several reasons.

Bad quality Needs some more work done to it Wrong aspect ratio Wrongly uploaded Duplicate (and perhaps you uploaded a better one) If there is already a cdart marked for replacement please report them here!

Image download queue

Overview tabs Who cares This shows the statistics on image upload by month/year/all time.

Overview This contains the general rules that apply to that type of artwork. Everyone making artwork should read these before uploading images. It also contains a small overview on how this type of image can be used in HTPC.

Latest This shows the latest images that were uploaded by users. Hovering over the image with your cursor will show more info about that image.

Request This will show the image requests made by users together with the provided resources and a button for uploading the image once it has been made.

Replace This shows the images that have been marked to be replaced for some reason.

Tutorials This shows the available tutorials relevant to that type of artwork.

Some sections still have no tutorial linked to them so feel free to create one and send a mail to [email protected] containing the tutorial. We would be very grateful and other users too. As you can see, videos are also welcome. This wil also contain examples on possible reasons why your artwork can be denied. Before uploading check these examples to see if they pass moderation.

Templates This shows the available templates relevant to that type of artwork

Some section still have no templates linked to them so feel free to create one and send a mail to [email protected] containing the template. We would be very grateful and other users too.

Site Etiquette We really are a community here and not just an image depot. We have a lot of staff and users alike that spend inordinate amounts of time managing and contributing to the most unique and extensive collection of high quality, moderated fanart anywhere.

With that in mind, please be courteous and respectful to staff and users alike. People can get very passionate about artwork and that is understandable, but not at the expense of others. We are here to help, and will as much as we are able. Use the resources put before you and contact a moderator for anything you can’t figure out. We don’t bite unless bitten. Remember that no one gets paid here.

Your input is most welcome and encouraged. Here are a few ways you can help enrich our site and in return, your media fanart.

It is good form to thank for any request fulfillments. This can be as simple as a pm to the person, a thank you in chat, a comment on the art in the activity stream, and a thumbs up vote is always welcome. Encouragement is a powerful tool. - Vote

Voting will promote images to be the default download through media center scrapers. Putting the best art in this slot is a no brainer, but it takes votes to do it. Exercise your right to vote. 🙂

Commenting on art in the activity stream is another great way to be a part of the community. Feedback is what drives the type of art that people want to see. The more we hear from you, the more likely we will hear you.

Tagging your comments site-wide with a person’s nick preceded by the @ symbol will leave that person a notification that they were mentioned. Good to use even if you aren’t looking for a reply. (ex. akovia = @akovia or nick_name = @nickname) Good use of common courtesy and common sense will get you far here.

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