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Site Rules


There is nothing here you wouldn’t expect. This is basic stuff, but you are required to abide by the rules or risk a loss of privileges or even be banned.

We will NOT ban anyone for a difference of opinion, but it must be done in a calm, civilized way.

Use Common Decency:


This isn’t the wild west. Treat everyone with respect and you will receive it in return. The entire staff here are volunteers and are not paid to be abused in any form. It will not be tolerated. If you have a grievance with a moderator or are being harassed by another user, you should first try to sort it out yourself. That’s what adults do. If it just can’t be resolved otherwise, then please contact an admin with an unedited copy of any conversations.

Do not Evade or Ignore the Rules

We try to make the rules very clear and even explain where possible the reasoning for those rules. Deliberately trying to undermine the rules to your own ends is unacceptable and will be treated as such. This includes..

  • The targeting of other users or mods by reporting their images just to harass or annoy them.
  • Uploading your own image and then reporting the existing image as a duplicate.
  • Consistently uploading bad artwork without ever trying to fix denied images. This implies a complete disregard for the time it takes moderators to deny and give advice on the problems with an image. If you are not interested in trying for a better approval rate, then you are better off submitting your images to an unmoderated site.
Use of Profanity

This site is doesn’t claim to be family oriented as there are not many children editing artwork for their media centers. That said, the use of profanity isn’t outright prohibited, but you are expected to use it with discretion. Any use of profanity directed towards the staff or other users can result in an immediate deletion of your account. Keep it light and friendly and you shouldn’t have any problems.

No Duplicate Accounts

Having more than one account on the site is forbidden. Most often these accounts are used to increase votes or for general mischief. If a user is found to have multiple accounts, they risk being banned and having all of their votes removed as well as the authorship of their submissions. It’s just not fair to the fellow artists and will not be tolerated.

There are ways to increase your voting power that does support the site. Becoming a VIP can grant you up to 4 votes per image, AND will help keep the site running in the future.


The last thing we want to spend time doing is dealing with rule breakers. We would rather being making great art or improving the site.

We have and will ban users when necessary. This can also mean the loss of all accumulated points, and in some cases the name connected to any artwork the user uploaded.

Please just read, understand and follow the rules and we can all get on to better things.