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Movie Background


  • Movie Backgrounds are high quality backdrops of the Movie
  • Can be used as a background while browsing your Movie library
  • Can be used as a background slide show on skins that support this feature

Rules Synopsis

  • Images must be in jpg format sized 1920x1080 pixels, no exceptions.
  • Only high quality images will be accepted
  • Images should not have any logos or other text on them
  • Images should not have borders or frames round them
  • We will only accept screenshots if they are high quality and no alternative, higher quality artwork exists.
  • Screenshots/Screengrabs are limited to two (2) per user, no exceptions.

Other rules and considerations

Similar Images
  • __Each image should be it’s own unique piece of art. __

  • __Do not submit art that is similar to art already on the site, or to your own submissions. __

  • This includes different zoom levels of the same image, and using different logo combinations with the same images.

Collection Art
  • Collection art should reflect characters or elements that were in all the movies.

The idea of collection art is to represent the entire collection, and not just one movie. This can be difficult sometimes but creativity should win out in the end if the effort is there. In the case where the main actor has changed, you could have all the main role actors in the same poster/clearart/banner etc. Or even an element that spans all the movies. Point is, if you make an art with a main character and a villain from a single movie, then that should be used for that movie and not as collection art.


Background Templates and Tutorials