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Music Artist Background


  • Artist Backgrounds are high quality backdrops containing the artist/band
  • Can be used as a background while browsing your music library
  • Can be used as a background slideshow while playing music on a mediacentre

Rules Synopsis

  • Images must be in jpg format sized 1920x1080 pixels, no exceptions.
  • Copyright infos need to be added in the Comments when uploading the image. (1. If the image is a Promo / PR shot from the band\'s official webpage, social media or record company, then a link to the source is required.2. If the image is from any other source, then a link to the source AND the name of the copyright holder is required).
  • Only high quality images will be accepted
  • Images should not have any logos or other text on them
  • Images should not have borders or frames round them

Other rules and considerations

Similar Images
  • __Each image should be it’s own unique piece of art. __

  • __Do not submit art that is similar to art already on the site, or to your own submissions. __

  • This includes different zoom levels of the same image, and using different logo combinations with the same images.


Background Templates and Tutorials