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TV Season Poster


  • TV Show Season Posters are images of a TV show media cover depicting a specific season of the show.
  • Can be used while browsing your media center library as a recognizable navigation item.

Rules Synopsis

  • Only high quality images will be accepted.
  • Images must be in jpg format sized 1000x1426 pixels.
  • Season Posters should contain images of character(s) or highly recognizable major items from the series as well as a series number.
  • Season Posters must have the logo of the show with either: Season (number in letters or numbers xx/x) or The Complete Season (number in letters or numbers xx/x) or Specials. Nothing else.
  • Season number/text has to be of reasonable size to be clearly visible.
  • Season numbers are not required for series with unique names for each season.
  • Consistency: If you are doing multiple seasons of one show, try to use the same font/layout for each of them.
  • Same image cannot be used more than once by the same user for multiple seasons.
  • Character images are fine if not many sources are available as long as they belong to the TV Show.
  • Themed images1 are always preferred to Plain images.2
  • If only Plain versions exist, we will still accept properly Themed version submissions.
  • Always notify the moderators in the comments when submitting a Themed image if Plain image already exists.

Other rules and considerations

Similar Images
  • __Each image should be it’s own unique piece of art. __

  • __Do not submit art that is similar to art already on the site, or to your own submissions. __

    • *The exception is if you want to submit Themed images1, when only Plain images2 exist.
  • This includes different zoom levels of the same image, and using different logo combinations with the same images.

  • The only exception is the 2 language rule.

  • Each user is limited to creating a piece of art in a maximum of 2 languages.

  • The most prominent language in the logo is what determines what language to set.

  • If the title of a Movie/TV Show is identical in any country to the title in English, the image MUST be uploaded as English. It is your responsibility to check imdb or tvdb before you upload it.

English is the default language as well as the fallback language in Media Centers, this will ensure the artwork is available to the widest audience possible. When we move to the new site, we will have an option to set a piece of art to multiple languages which will make this rule obsolete, but until then please observe this rule.

We really don’t want to swamp our database with a zillion images in every possible language/format that exists. If there is an interest for some art in a language that is not available, it will prompt that user to either create that artwork themselves, or they can use the request system. This way only images that are in demand are getting produced, and we are not filling up our pages with art gathering dust.

Our goal should be to try and fill in or make artwork where there is none. This is much more helpful to the site. One look at our Incomplete Section should give plenty of opportunities for people who want to produce a lot of art and want to really help the site at the same time.

Custom Posters

Official posters that have been cleaned of prohibited elements will always be preferred over custom posters. Most people will associate these images with the DVD/Blu-ray cases in their own libraries.

Custom posters are allowed, but must meet certain requirements.

  • Is this something I would see on a store shelf somewhere?
  • Does this really represent the movie/series in an identifiable way?
  • Is my source material good enough to be considered“HighQuality”?
  • Would I consider this poster to be my one and only poster for this movie/series?
  • Would this poster be considered a Portrait type cover?

There may not be a clear way to define an acceptable custom poster, but try to imagine the poster you are submitting being displayed on a DVD case in a store on a shelf somewhere.

Can you see it?

If not, it’s probably not fitting for this section either.


  • Season posters are allowed a bit more flexibility when original posters are not available and all other requirements are met.

  • Season posters should reflect something from the actual season and not just be a random image from the show.


Poster Templates and Tutorials

  1. Themed season images should mimic the original text and styles, to look as if it was released by the studio. 

  2. Plain season images are when the fonts and styling do not match the original.