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Moderation Time

There is no set time on how long it will take for your submissions to be moderated…

…but we will eventually get to all of them.

Some days/weeks/months may be faster or slower than others, but there’s never been an image that didn’t get moderated. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to make images that we are compelled to look at.

Moderators are volunteers who do this to support the site and the community. We are obviously passionate about what we do because most of the time it’s a thankless job. We all have lives and we also enjoy doing our own artwork.

Moderating would be a trivial job if everyone read and followed the rules and uploaded perfect artwork. Unfortunately this is not the case as we are all human and even moderators make oversights from time to time. We don’t moderate our own images and have to wait just like everyone else.

Mass denials are the worst. We get a lot of people who really want to support the site and upload a ton of images with the best intentions but never took the time to really grasp the rules and get all of their images denied, then get discouraged. The point is moderators have to write an explanation for every denied image which can take a huge amount of time, and it’s not fun to tell someone who obviously put in a lot of effort that their work isn’t good enough. Nobody wins and it takes time away from moderating images that should be approved.

Not all moderators moderate every image type. Most of the moderators are specialists who moderate the types of images they work on themselves which makes it easier to spot the common mistakes for those types and to keep a consistency among those types.

It just takes a lot more time to moderate every single image than most people realize. We are always looking for good people to help out with this, so if you think you have the chops to give us a hand, please speak up. It would be wonderful to have a zero pending at the end of each day.


There will be times when you will notice other images in your pending category get approved while yours weren’t. There can be a few reasons for this.

  1. You submitted it before and a mod asked you to make some changes.

    Most of the time other mods will bypass these so the original mod can asses the changes.

  2. Not enought time to moderate.

    You have a lot of images that need work and the mod doesn’t have the time to write denial explanations for all of them at the time, but doesn’t want to prevent the acceptable art from getting through in the limited time they have.

    If you think this might be the case, we implore you to reassess your art and look for your own mistakes and save us the time of having to write a bunch of denials. You can delete your own submissions from the dashboard, fix them and resubmit.